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Welcome to another resource option.  Hopefully these pages, as well as the ones located on the school's website will make your tenure in class a bit more enjoyable.

The Teacher

Currently in my 25th year teaching (22 with JCPS; 21 here at duPont Manual),  I am certified to teach Mathematics and Computer Science.  I have taught most math courses (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, AP Statistics), Computer Programming  as well as Computer Applications.   

While the range and depth of  topics is varied, dependent on the course, it helps to remember that it is all problem solving.  So, if you ever put jigsaw puzzles together, played with leggos, know how to play mancala or chess-- or some type of activity where things had to come together to "fit" then you have the basis of mathematics.  (Sounds simple...and it can be!)

I enjoy that moment when students make sense of it all.  Okay,  perhaps you don't believe it, but it is true.  I am one of those math geeks; trying to get everyone to, if not become one themselves, at least make the connection from the classroom to the "real world".



Regardless of who your math teacher of record may be, Manual has several tutoring options.  The National Honor Society typically provides tutors in the library before and after school; Extended School Services (ESS) arranges for teachers to tutor in core content areas (English, Mathematics, and Science).  Be sure to check postings in the hallway for the times and dates!

To make the most of your tutoring experience, it helps if you come with problems you cannot work so there is a topic/area to focus on; coming in with a "I just don't get it" doesn't help anyone assist you in your quest to become more proficient.